If you are ready for an adventure, you are 16 years old, you love sport and a unique atmosphere accompanying a large sports event, you want to meet new people for whom selfless help is also important – we invite you to volunteer at the Lechit organization. We also encourage teachers to cooperate with a group of volunteers from their own school.

If you have any questions – write: klaudi_koza@wp.pl or call +48 668 161 620

See you at the 42nd Lechit Run




The organizational heart of a sporting event. All participants in the race go through the race office to pick up the starting packet with their own number. Volunteers help in the preparation of starter packages, organization of the competition office and in its efficient functioning.


Every player in the Lechit Race must be able to leave personal items in the deposit. The task of this team of volunteers is to safely store luggage, ensure their order and order, and make sure that the items left after finishing the run have been delivered to the owners. Simple work, but with a large number of participants requires efficient operation.


A team of volunteers serving runners during the start and finish line. At the finish line, volunteers hand water and a commemorative medal to all who have completed the race.


Organizational group for various tasks. We invite male volunteers to this team with a lot of strength and enthusiasm for work. You have to be prepared for hard work because tasks that can happen are unpredictable.


Groups of people who, with music, singing and dancing, can cheer on all competitors on the run and warm them up to even greater effort. The group’s tasks include preparing a support point with the necessary equipment and cultural doping during the course of the run.



If you will be a volunteer during the 42nd Lechite Run and you are a minor, it is necessary to download the consent of the parent / legal guardian for your participation in the voluntary service. You can print a form or ask a parent / guardian to handwritten a document with the same content. Consent must be provided
to the organizer during the organizational meeting (date, time and place will be given on the website of the Lechit Run).

Parents’ consent for volunteering